What To Buy

Wondering What to Buy?
What to buy is always the big question. Below we have outlined what you normally need for a standard install and explained the reasons why. Then you can decide what you must have, what you already have and maybe what you can make yourself.

Satellite Receiver
It is very hard to make do without a satellite receiver as the signal from the satellite to you is digital and must be converted to the signal our televisions can use. However you do have a choice of receivers. It all depends on what you want it to do for you. Our products page will help you to decide, especially if you carefully read the specifications for each one as it will describe the individual features for you.

Satellite Dish
While you must have a satellite dish, again you do have choices. You can use an old SKY dish, an old IHug dish, a new 65cm, 1m, and for C Band there is the 1.8m, 2.4m or 3m dishes.

The older dishes will work fine if they are in good condition. Faded paint is no problem. The old SKY type dish works fine but you will notice that it will be subject to
rainfade more often because this dish is smaller. The main thing to check on older dishes is the LNB, it may need to be replaced.
It is also worth noting that a SKY type dish is usually aligned to Optus B1, whereas an IHug dish is usually aligned to a different satellite.

Of the new dishes, the main choice is what channels you want. See our channels
page for details. Don't forget that we sell the dish separate to the LNB, (so that you can buy a replacement LNB if you have an old dish) so remember to also order the LNB if you buy a new dish.

You can also purchase a dish mover that automatically selects a satellite when you change channel. The dish mover will automatically move your dish to the required satellite. More here..

This small but essential device receives the signal from the dish. The dish is shaped in such a way that all the signal is reflected to the LNB (note where it is mounted way out on the arm in the dish picture above left). The LNB then transfers the signal into the coax cable which takes it down to your receiver.

If you are upgrading your dish to a larger size, you can usually just keep the old LNB and buy a new dish (hence the reason we sell them separately).

If you are buying a new dish remember to order the LNB at the same time as a new dish will not come with the LNB.

Also note the difference between the LNBs we sell. The one pictured to the left at the top is a Ku Band LNB (normally used on a 65cm to 1m dish), whereas the one below it is a C Band LNB which goes on the big dishes (1.8m to 3m).

If you are unsure which to buy, just email us the satellite or channel you wish to receive and we will tell you which LNB you need. Our
channels page usually notes whether a satellite is Ku Band or C Band.

Dish Mount
here is where more of your choices come in to play. We sell the roof, wall and portable mount for the Ku Band dishes and our C Band dishes come with a ground mount built in. But your situation may require a different type of mount or you might be wanting to save some money.

If you are a DIY and you are ordering a Ku Band dish you can make your own mount with a piece of steel pipe sized to fit the dish mountings and bolt it to a post, concrete it in the ground or whatever other structure you need a specialized mount for.

Remember our mounts come with all the bolts and screws to use them. All you need is a cordless drill with some standard drives. Or if you don't mind some hard work you can use a hammer and a socket set.

The dish mover for the 65cm - 1m dishes fits onto a standard roof, eave or wall mount.

Coax Cable
The cable we supply is designed to deal with the higher satellite frequencies without losing too much of the signal. We supply it in 10m lengths with the connectors already fitted, but on your request we can supply longer lengths.

Satellite Meter
If you are planning on doing the install yourself you will need a satellite meter to align the dish correctly. It is easy to use and comes with instructions.

If you would rather have someone else do the job, contact us
and we will help you to find an installer close to you.

To understand it all better see our How It Works

Can I just buy a package that is complete?
Save time and money by choosing a complete package from our packages page.


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