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Here you will find data and information about the Topfield receiver range. Much of this data is linked to other websites. Free TV 2005 Ltd offers no warranty that these websites are correct and accurate, the information is given for educational purposes only.

The best place for Topfield information is the official websites:

Topfield Korea
Topfield International

Topfield New Zealand - this site also has a forum

Topfield Australia - beware of any information on digital terrestrial in the Australia forums. Australia uses a different system to New Zealand and many people have been caught out when buying an Australian digital terrestrial receiver for use in NZ. Only the satellite receivers are the same as NZ.    - More for the Topfield PVR range of receivers. - More for the Topfield PVR range of receivers. - How to get more out of your Toppy - FAQ on Toppy PVRs

Topfield TF4000PVR, TF5000PVR, TF5010PVR, TF5000PVRt & TF5800PVRt

Is it possible to take the recorded programs and make them PC capable (mpeg) or DVD capable?

Yes. The Topfield PVRs record as mpeg but label the file as a .REC file. You use the USB lead on the TF5***PVR or TF6***PVR range (or the very very slow serial lead on the TF4000PVR) to transfer it to your PC.

If you just want to burn it to a PC based DVD-ROM and play it on your computer, use mplayer (not windows media player, this is a lynix based but windows version player called 'mplayer'). Your PC will not recognise it as an mpeg but it will play it just fine. Download a free version by searching for it on google. Or use this version here.

MPlayer zipped file (2.54mb)

If you want to save it as an Mpeg or burn it as DVD then follow the instructions here:
To help you get started: You will need to use ProjectX first to convert it to a .PVA file. Then you follow the instructions from there.

Or another option is to use Mpeg Stream clip to convert the file. This free program has had a file format added to specially do Topfield recorded files. Download it at

If the PVR is out of warranty can I upgrade the hard drive size?

Yes the TF4000PVR can have a HDD up to 120gig and the TF5000PVR or TF5010PVR can have a HDD up to 300gig. It will accept any standard IDE HDD. While fitting it voids your warranty of course, it is easy and the menu then lets you format it and waalaa, you have loads more space.

My TF4000PVR is out of warranty but I want to add USB support?

Try these DIY guides, but only if you realise there is no warranty after opening your receiver

German original here (707kb pdf)
English translation here (604kb pdf)

How do you turn the subtitles on or off?  Guide here.




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