Tamil TV

New Zealand viewers have a choice of 4 Tamil TV channels and 1 radio station via the satellite Optus D2.
These are provided by two different broadcasters.

Your reception of these channels will require a satellite dish and a satellite receiver capable of having a smart card inserted into it. You will also require a subscription from the broadcaster of your choice and be provided with the smart card from them.

To see subscription information read the information below for each broadcaster.

To purchase the necessary receiver and satellite dish click our Dish & Card Reader Receiver Package (65cm D1/D2) here

It is possible to have both subscriptions, however if you only have the Strong SRT4654X receiver, you will have to swap smart cards as you change between subscriptions. To use two subscription cards in one receiver you will need the TF7700HSCI satellite receiver and two XCam card readers.

Tharisanam TV and Deepam TV are pleased to announce that the two channels would be offered to all Australian and New Zealand viewers as a combined TWO channel package.

Tharisanam TV will manage the subscriptions for the combined package. To obtain a smart card for this service fill in this form here.

Tharisanam TV is also pleased to announce a partnership with Tamil Box Office (TBO) and this will allow our viewers to have access to high quality Tamil movies spanning the entire library from the recent films to the classics from the past.

Other exciting program content is being sourced and local content has already been produced and more is on the way.


Sun TV Australia is managing the subscriptions for Sun TV and KTV as well as the radio channel Suriyan FM.

To obtain a smart card for this service fill in this form here.
Please be sure to read the SunTV terms and conditions here.



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