DishTV T1020 aerialBox for Freeview|HD (RecT1020)

DishTV T1020 aerialBox for Freeview|HD
High Definition Freeview|HD UHF aerial receiver with 1080P output via HDMI.

The T1020 also provides component and A/V outputs for use in either domestic or commercial installations and easy tuning via fully automatic channel search. With MHEG-5 channel updates, new channels are added automatically.

With the latest firmware update you can now record via the EPG onto a USB HDD. Please note as this is a single tuner receiver, you can only record one channel at a time. Firmware updates are available at

The high gain tuner provides great reception via a UHF aerial and with the expansion of the UHF Freeview|HD service, this receiver can be used in more areas for a true HD experience.

If you can not receive Freeview|HD via your UHF aerial, or if you have a satellite dish in working order, please see our range of satellite receivers.

The aerialBox T1020 won the 2011 Best Freeview|HD receiver Award at the 2011 Annual Freeview Awards.

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