Freeview DishTV S7010PVR (75cm Eve Mount) Package

Freeview DishTV S7010PVR (75cm Eve Mount) Package
Package includes: DishTV S7010PVR Digital Satellite Receiver, pretuned for FreeviewTV.
75cm satellite dish, Eve mount & stays, Ku LNB, and 10m of coax cable with F connectors fitted. Cable may be black or white.
This package is ideal for the FreeView service on Optus D1.
Or with this size dish you can choose to receive from Optus C1, Optus D2, Pas 8 Ku Band, AMC 23 or NSS5 satellite. For more information on the channels available please visit our channels page. Only one satellite can be received at a time with this package. When installing you choose which one you wish to receive from.
If you plan on doing the installation yourself, instead of asking your local TV aerial man, you may need to purchase a SF95 Sat Meter and you will need to read our DIY instruction page.
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