Dish & Card Reader Receiver Package (65cm D1/D2)

Dish & Card Reader Receiver Package (65cm D1/D2)
This package receives from Optus D1 & Optus D2 satellites and includes a card reader satellite receiver that is suitable for the Tamil, Hungarian, Croatian and Hindi subscription channels on Optus D2, as well as the FreeView channels on Optus D1 with out moving the dish.

Package includes: 65cm dish, Strong SRT4654X satellite receiver, 2x LNBs, 10m coax cable with crimped fittings, LNB switch and cables to suit, wall or roof mount (please select below).

Products may differ from picture.

If you plan on doing the installation yourself, instead of asking your local TV aerial man, you may need to purchase a SF95 Sat Meter and you will need to read our DIY instruction page.

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