60cm Caravan Kit (Mhome60cm)

60cm Caravan Kit
When you travel around the country in your caravan or motor home, relaxing, chilling out, the last thing you need is rubbish TV signal.

And what happens if the big game is on while you are away? You have SKY at home but if you are on the road what happens then?

Here is your answer: Our 60cm Caravan Kit is a complete kit allowing you to carry a satellite dish and mount with you on your holiday. Full instructions are included to train you to easily use the satellite meter to align the dish.

And it all folds up for easy stowing. The dish detaches from the mount.

Either use a FTA satellite receiver to get the free channels including FreeView or take along your SKY Digital receiver.

Kit includes: Portable mount, 60cm dish, Ku LNB, 10m coax cable and SF95 satellite meter. Does not include a receiver. Please choose LNB type 11300 or 10750 below.
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