C & Ku Band LNB (LNBcku)

C & Ku Band LNB
C Band LNB with seperate Ku Band LNB 11300 L.O. attached.

C Band LNB specs - L.O. 5150, N.F. 17k, Gain 65db
Ku Band LNB specs - L.O. 11300, N.F. 0.7db, Gain 58db

These are two seperate LNBs. They require two cables, one for each. However you are able to connect them to a LNB switch and have your receiver switch between them.

Suits a satellite that transmits both C Band and Ku Band, such as PAS8. Use on a C & Ku band dish such as our 1.8m or 2.4m solid petal dishes.
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