IntelSat-19 DVB-S2/HD Receiver Package (80cm Dish)

With this package you will be able to receive F.T.A Ku DVB-S & DVB-S2/HD signals from IntelSat-19.

For more information on programs available from IS-19 please view link:

Package includes: SRT4930 DVB-S2 HD satellite receiver, HDMI Cable 80cm Dual-rim dish and mount, Ku-L.N.B. 10m RG-6 Cable with connectors fitted. SF-95 Meter included. Cable may be black or white.


If you plan on doing the installation yourself, instead of asking your local TV aerial man, you may need to purchase a SF95 Sat Meter and you will need to read our DIY instruction page.

NZ$ 599.00 including GST
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