• Topfield Launches a new PVR in New Zealand
    The Topfield TF6000PVR with WiFi has been launched in New Zealand for 2007.

    For more information on this product click the link below.
    Posted: Monday 22 January 2007
  • New T90 Toroidal Dish
    FreeTV 2005 Ltd is excited to launch the new to New Zealand T90 Toroidal dish. This special design allows you to use one dish to receive 7 satellites, without moving the dish.
    Posted: Thursday 30 November 2006
  • Beware of imitation Topfield receivers
    Topfield receivers have now become so popular around the world that the brand name itself is in high demand.

    A false Topfield brand has been produced and sold around the world. However it does not meet the safety standards and is actually a danger
    Posted: Monday 2 October 2006
  • In what is sure to come as good news for Indians living in New Zealand, an Auckland-based technology company will soon begin broadcasting international TV channels, including popular Indian ones.

    Orcus has recently signed an exclusive redistributi
    Posted: Friday 22 September 2006
  • Indian, Chinese and French TV channels will be transmitted in New Zealand by an Auckland technology company aiming to cash in on the viewing habits of an increasingly diverse population.

    Orcus has bought a previously disused satellite dish in Par
    Posted: Friday 22 September 2006
  • Possible 24hr News channel on FreeView
    TVNZ may be adding a 24hour News channels to the FreeView lineup.
    Posted: Wednesday 30 August 2006
  • Topfield TFP20 Review online
    Click on the link below to read a review of the Topfield TFP20 personal media player.
    Posted: Monday 21 August 2006
  • Portable Media Player Released
    Topfield is proud to release their Personal Media Player (PMP) the TFP 20.

    *Great portability with slimmest and lightweight 20GB video player.
    *Best picture quality with 4 inch wide 16:9 TFT LCD display.
    *MP3 player and Photo slidesho
    Posted: Thursday 18 May 2006
  • A new forum has started on This forum is designed for Topfield users and offers answers to questions, free downoads and technical help.
    Posted: Saturday 1 April 2006

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