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DishTV T1020 aerialBox for Freeview|HD
High Definition Freeview|HD UHF aerial receiver with 1080P output via HDMI.
NZ$ 199.00 EA
NZ$ 189.00 EA
MagicTV MTV3700TD Freeview|HD PVR
The amazing Magic MTV3700TD HD PVR.
Feed your HDTV with the perfect signal - 1080p. 1 TB HDD, full series linking via the Freeview EPG
NZ$ 649.00 EA
NZ$ 629.00 EA
Freeview|HD In-line Amplifier
DVB-T UHF Line amplifier. Powered by 5v output on Freeview|HD receiver (turn it on in the Menu of TV). Can also be powered using a 5v DC power injector (not supplied).

Features: Tiny, Low Noise, Wi...
NZ$ 39.95 EA



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