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- bulk supplier to wholesalers and retailers of satellite equipment. - Topfield New Zealand website, firmware, software, user manuals, e-Brochures, setup guides, the lot. There is also a link to the Topfield Forum so you can keep up with what other Topfield owners are doing.    - Lyngemark Satellite, a great satellite site, keeps up to date regarding who and what are on each of the transponders for pretty much every satellite that is up there. This page covers the
Asia and Pacific area.     - Asia Pacific FTA Sat TV Guide, your source of Free to Air Satellite TV Program Schedules. Another good site, lots of interesting information about satellite TV.     - Website providing useful software upgrades for the Topfield PVR range of receivers.      - Here is a site that has some information on the Fortecstar Lifetime Ultra, Topfield TF5000PVR, TF5010PVR, TF4000Fi and the TF5000CI. It also covers other satellite receivers. Software and technical information. - Very good technical website about the f/D (focal depth) ratio and scalar rings - why it is important to set properly.    - If you want to know what the time difference is between
New Zealand and other countries or even the states in Australia, go here. It will tell you the current time in any major city of the world. Useful when looking at programming for international broadcasts (like ABC Australia).    - More software for the Topfield PVR range of receivers. - More software for the Topfield PVR range of receivers. - How to get more out of your Toppy - FAQ on Toppy PVRs

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