Indonesian Channels


Indonesian channels are broadcast to New Zealand free to air from the satellite Palapa C2.

The channels that are broadcast on the Asean Plus beam are available in New Zealand on a 1.8m C Band dish.

As of 26th November 2006 these channels include:

TVRI Nasional
Bali TV
Global TV
Metro TV

Along with 8 radio services.
Up to date information can be seen on the Lyngsat website. The services in yellow are free to air, only the Asean Plus beam is available in NZ. The beam name can be seen on the right hand side of the page.


To receive these channels you will need the following:

¤ TF6000F satellite receiver
¤ 1.8m C Band dish
¤ C Band LNB
¤ Coax cable

If you plan on doing the installation yourself:

¤ Read a free guide to installing a C Band dish here.
¤ SF95 satellite meter to align the dish

Or you could find an installer to do the job for you here.

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