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While Free TV is dedicated to providing products for 'free to air' TV and radio reception, we appreciate that at times the exact channels you want, in the language you require, are only available on PAY TV. So when we discovered that our customers could own their own receiver and dish, even using an existing dish and just purchasing a receiver, to get the Zee TV Indian channels - we felt we just had to help with the details.

Vision Asia are the subscription suppliers and we have all the details you need below. But first a little about the channels available on the Zee TV lineup from the satellite Optus D2.  Vision Asia provides premiere South Asian entertainment to viewers in Australia and New Zealand, through satellite dishes, on a subscription basis. Nowhere else in the world outside India can you get the 9 chart-topping Indian channels on one dish, one decoder, one remote. The channels include Star Plus, SET (Sony Entertainment Television), Zee, Zee Music and Zee Cinema.

So if you have a receiver with an IRDETO card slot and a satellite dish 65cm or larger (we recommend 75cm) pointed at the satellite Optus D2, including a 75cm or 90cm dish with the Triple LNB system, all you need is a subscription and Vision Asia will supply you with the smart card for only a small setup fee.

Vision Asia's Zee TV prices and channels can be viewed here.

Please note that at this time FreeTV has no connection with Vision Asia or Zee TV. We are just making this information available to our customers.

Do I get other channels?

Yes if you buy your own receiver from FreeTV it comes pre-programmed with other channels along with your Zee TV channels.

Freeview & Vision Asia package (Note: you still need to get a subscription and a smart card from Vision Asia to view the Indian channels. Fill in the forms above to contact Vision Asia)

Can I just get free Indian channels?

Yes you can! It does require a 3m dish and not all areas can receive from this satellite Asiasat 3S.


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