Freeview Channels

   What is this "FreeView" I keep hearing about?

Freeview is a name given to a group of broadcasters including TVNZ, CanWest (who manage TV3 and C4), Maori Television, and Radio New Zealand and some smaller regional broadcasters. These broadcasters broadcast their channels free via satellite (DVBs) and via digital terrestrial (DVBt) (see our How It Works page for more information on DVBt).

In May 2007 Freeview officially launched the Freeview Satellite platform, which now provides more than 10 free channels. The Freeview Satellite platform gives every New Zealander, including those in rural areas, free (as in no monthly fees) reception of crystal clear TV programmes. And if you have an existing Sky dish all you need is one of our satellite receivers here...

Then in April 2008 Freeview launched the Freeview|HD digital terrestrial (land based via a UHF aerial) service. The Freeview|HD service can only be received on UHF aerial in 9 major centres throughout New Zealand and is essentially the same as the satellite service but with a few extra features. It has some of the channels in High Definition, which is a first for New Zealand. You can see more of our Freeview|HD receivers here...

In August 2009 Freeview added Prime to it's channel lineup. In the future Freeview plans to launch more channels. But here are the current ones:

Freeview (via satellite)
ONE, TV2, TV3, C4, Maori Television, TVNZ6, TVNZ7, Prime, Stratos, Parliament TV, Cue, Te Reo, Radio New Zealand National, Radio New Zealand Concert, George FM

Freeview|HD (via UHF aerial)
ONE, TV2, TV3, C4, Maori Television, TVNZ6, TVNZ7, Prime, Parliament TV, tvCentral, Radio New Zealand National, Radio New Zealand Concert










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