Frequently Asked Questions

  • No we do not accept credit cards at this time. However we do accept internet banking transfers, direct deposit in a branch of our bank anywhere in New Zealand, or you can post a cheque. Cheques can take up to 5 working days to clear.
  • This can happen if you just click the BUY button. The BUY button is for when you know what you want and you plan to buy it right now. If you are wanting to buy more than one item, click on the item itself to view the extra details about it. Then click on ADD TO SHOPPING CART. After that you can choose to either proceed to checkout or KEEP SHOPPING.
  • Many areas in New Zealand receive poor TV signal. With Freeview digital satellite reception however it is perfect where ever you live. Satellite reception is perfect anywhere in NZ, even in current "poor signal" areas. Digital satellite TV also offers different channels with more becoming available all the time.
  • While the signal from your dish can feed into our FTA satellite receivers and then into your SKY decoder [using a short coax lead with an 'F' connector on each end], SKY doesn't like anything connected to their system, and it can cause you problems with your reception. So to keep SKY happy and to save reception headaches, you might need to buy a second dish along with a FTA receiver. See our What to Buy page for more details or send us an email below.
  • Then all you need is one of our free-to-air satellite receivers. Look at our range and choose which one suits you. If your dish is in working order you can just plug the receiver in yourself. Email us below if you have any questions.
  • To find out more about Free to Air satellite TV and Radio browse through our helpful How It Works page.
  • Our What to Buy page will explain what is needed for a standard install. You can then select the products or a complete package from our range and when it arrives you can choose between asking a local TV aerial installer to do the job or you can do it yourself. See our DIY page for details on how to do it yourself.
  • Yes you can. If you need to adjust the dish or set it up from scratch, you will need to purchase a SF95 satellite meter, and read carefully all of the instructions that come with each product. We have also supplied a basic step by step web guide on our DIY page. You will also be able to move your dish to other satellites.
  • Yes you can, anywhere in NZ. You can take your Sky digital with you, your Freeview receiver and/or some of your foreign langauge channels. More details are available on our products page.
  • You can get both of these radio programs at no charge through your Freeview (or FTA) satellite receiver. And they are both available with no hiss, no fuzz, no crackle - anywhere in NZ from the Freeview service on the Optus D1 satellite with a dish as small as 46cm using any of our satellite receivers.
  • See our channels page for more details.
  • They are great quality at an economical price. They have all the features you need - easy remote controls and onscreen menus, built in games, teletext, on screen program guide, DiSEqC control and more. Topfield's reputation has been built around reliability and has already established a name for itself in Europe and America. Now Topfield is here in New Zealand.
  • Yes. All of our satellite receivers are designed to work with both C and Ku band.
  • Yes all our prices are inclusive of 15.0% GST.
  • Yes. Because of the high cost of freighting products around New Zealand we do have to charge freight. When you proceed to the checkout, after selecting your products, you are asked to choose your shipping destination. Our server then calculates the freight costs.
  • Not normally, but if you would like to purchase our products and you do not live in New Zealand, please email us below. We will let you know whether we are able to send the products to your area.

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