Dutch Channel

BVN - Dutch and Flemish TV away from home.

Broadcast free to air from the Optus D2 satellite, BVN offers news and current affairs, sports, documentaries, series, talk shows, movies, youth programs and entertainment.

NOTE! New transponder frequency for existing D2 receivers -

Add new T/P 12519V symbol 22500. Remember to run 'scan transponder' (FTA signals only)..

Plus 3 Stereo Radio Channels for free!

Via the Optus D2 satellite using the same satellite receiver you can also receive, along with BVN, the three radio channels from Radio Netherlands: RNW1 (Dutch), RNW2 (English), and RV1-1 (VRT) (Belgium/Flemish). Broadcasting from Belgium, RVi-1 is a radio station dedicated to the Flemish residing abroad. Presenting daily news bulletins, sports, and informational programming including Vlaanderen Vandaag, a magazine-style show for Flemish abroad. RVi is available free-to-air as a part of the BVN programming suite 24-hours per day.




For more information visit:

BVN Website: www.bvn.tv

RVi-1 (VRT) Website: www.rvi.be

Radio Netherlands Website: www.rnw.nl

What satellite system do I need?

We have a package especially suited to BVN viewers. See our Dutch channel package for details.


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