Portable Media Player Released

Portable Media Player Released

Topfield is proud to release their Personal Media Player (PMP) the TFP 20.

*Great portability with slimmest and lightweight 20GB video player.
*Best picture quality with 4 inch wide 16:9 TFT LCD display.
*MP3 player and Photo slideshow viewer.
*Playback all kinds of video/audio file formats without transcoding.
*Direct recording from TV/Analogue video source/Camcorder/DVD player/CD player with time recording function, use it as your home VCR.
*Freely exchange contents with PC and use as digital camera backup storage when travelling (you do not need a PC, just connect any camera USB cable to the TFP20 and transfer photos or videos).
*Transfer movies to PC and burn direct to DVD.
*Battery life 14 hours on audio / 6 hours for video playback.
*Rechargeable & Detachable Lithium-Polymer batteries.
*Text view, Voice recording function.

TFP20_ebrochure_TopNZ.pdf (Size: 200.67 KB)

Posted: Thu 18 May 2006



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