Free Help Files & DIY Install - Do It Yourself

If you would like to install your own free to air satellite TV system please read our DIY Install Guide below.

FreeTV DIY Satellite Install Guide (pdf - 71kb)
FreeTV Caravan Kit Installation Instructions (pdf - 48kb)
FreeTV Triple LNB Holder Instructions Plate Style (pdf - 78kb)
How to have up to three receivers on one or two dishes (pdf - 49kb)
How to have up to three receivers on four dishes (pdf - 58kb)

What are the different LNBs all about (pdf - 40kb)

Setting up the SG2100 dish mover (pdf - 35kb)
Setting up the SG6120 dish mover (pdf - 38kb)

Assembly Instructions for the Atlanta 1m dish (pdf - 26kb)

Asiasat 3S Sight Guide
The satellite AsiaSat 3S may not be viewable from all areas as it is very low on the horizon. To check if you can receive from this satellite use this guide.

Satellite Positions and Compass Settings

Use and find your satellite. Then click on 'sat tracker' at the top middle of the page for your satellite. This lets you select your area in NZ to see your alignment details.

You will need to select your area in NZ based on the longitude and latitudes of where you live. Use this website to find your longitude and latitude Just type in the name of your town or area. If you can not find your town or area, type in the nearest major town or city and click on neighbours.

Another chart in pdf format here gives the settings for Optus B1 satellite from most places in New Zealand.

See our channels
page for more information on each satellite.

If you don't feel comfortable installing your own system with this brief guide, more indepth guides are available from another New Zealand website .

To find an installer of digital terrestrial or satellite nationwide



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Please note: The steps outlined here are a guide only. Some dishes, LNBs and mounts may look slightly different. You may need council or landlord permission to install a dish. No responsibility is taken for mistakes, but we would appreciate your feedback.




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